FatCow: Affordable Hosting

11 September 2013

Before I got into website design, I remember thinking to myself: “Where is the website?” Seriously, I imagined it was just in the air somewhere. But one of the first hurdles anyone comes to when building their first website is website hosting. Often, when producing a site funds can tend to be tight and options are few.

I can genuinely say that’s where FatCow came in to help. They may not be the fastest or the most advanced service out there – but they do offer an affordable service. For people starting out – this is ideal.

Based in America, this naturally powered company offers a really good start up deal which can extend for as long as you can pay up-front (up to three years). They do offer a variety of bolt-ons and extras at a price slightly above average to compensate – but more often than not, you don’t really need these anyway. So let’s look at the positives and the negatives:


  • They are extremely affordable and offer extremely good start-up rates.
  • They are reliable most of the time. I have had a few down-times with them over the last three years, but most of the time they have been very good.
  • Unlimited space. This is the instant win. No limits, as many sites as you can fit on the server! (not including domain names)
  • Relatively cheap for .com domains, as it’s an American company.
  • Lots of free added extras within the package deal.
  • FatCow is wind-driven and therefore is environmentally friendly.


  • It’s American based, so customer service will only come in the form of web chat or expensive phone calls.
  • Webmail inboxes are limited to 250mb, but that’s OK if you ensure your web client deletes mail from the server once its been downloaded.
  • Webmail does have a sizeable delay at times, meaning emails can be slower than normal (but not always).
  • .co.uk domains are a lot more expensive (but you can always buy them elsewhere and point them to the server).
  • You’ll need to be careful when your contract renews, as the price could go up steeply, and they invoice 60 days in advance of the renewal.

All in all, Fatcow Hosting does offer a brilliant array of affordable and accessible web tools for anyone starting out in website design, development or hosting. You can even get extra money off with our unique offer here: $3.15pm available with this unique link. Yes we earn commission on this link, but not as much as you can be saving with Fatcow!