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26 September 2012

Here’s a story about how Media Sussex’s work can benefit you!

We recently had the privilege of working alongside a new company that is taking the USA by storm. It’s been running for a couple of months now and is already rated within the top 10,000 sites of the world. Here’s the bit that will be of interest to you – we have been working with the UK branch of Gobza and learning about they plan to bring it to the UK. So we have an exclusive link to get people to sign up to it.

As a way of introduction – imagine being involved with the initial launch of Groupon. It costs you nothing, but for the people who sign up – you get paid. It’s a bit like that. Only better. Read on to learn more.

Get in Quick
sign-up-to-gobzaIt’s not often that we like to shamelessly promote a product at MediaSussex, but it’s also rare that we are able to provide an exclusive preview into a new service that will be of use to our clients and visitors alike. Whether you are a business or a consumer (or even a charity), this service is risk and cost free. The even bigger advantage is that it’s not fully launched in the UK quite yet. For this reason, you can get in on the first “wave” of members and can actually earn lots of money out of it!

How Gobza Works
Ok so, let me explain how it works. Businesses and Consumers both sign up to Gobza and get a membership. A business can post offers, completely free, on the website. The consumer is then able to purchase the best offers from the various businesses that they are interested in. The consumer gains products at an extremely low price, while the business just gained some custom – without paying a penny! But that’s not all… For every member you sign up, you will gain a percentage of every offer they buy (or if they are a business, sell). Now imagine you managed to sign up a whole bunch of people who buy an offer every month or so – that’s free cash coming in regularly… And you don’t need to lift a finger to get it. You will also gain commission if your friend signs up more friends and they sign up friends and so on (for up to 4 levels deep).

It may sound a bit crazy, but imagine Gobza a bit like Groupon or Wowcher – except you can get in on the profits before the trend hits the UK – for free. All you need to do is sign up and you are on your way to saving, earning and selling. It’s a win win in our eyes, whoever you are.

In Short…
Like we mentioned, it’s not out in the UK yet, but you can still register your friends and family so that when it does arrive in the UK, you already have multiple members under you, earning you money. You can essentially sign up some people and then forget about it. Remember, not a lot of people know about Gobza UK – yet. But it’s growing in popularity. In fact, one of the major supermarket chains (we aren’t allowed to say which one), is already in discussions to implement it. So the truth is, if you want to get involed – get in quick! Here’s the link now: www.gobza.com/sholdstock.

So if you are a business looking for easy advertising or a consumer looking for deals, this is a perfect tool that has a fantastic side-effect of earning you money. You can sign up at our exclusive link here: http://www.gobza.com/sholdstock.

You can watch an introduction video here:


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