WordPress Tutorials

29 August 2012

There’s some really great news from the world of Media Sussex! Whether you have purchased a WordPress Content Management System from us or whether you have one through other means – we are happy to provide some FREE video tutorials on how to use them. We have already published three on Youtube for you – and we are looking to follow those up with a few more to complete a mini-series.

Why the tutorials? Well, once we have built your WordPress website, we often need to train users on how to use the site. More often than not, people realise just how simple and easy it is to use – so what we have done is provided an initial set of video tutorials for users to watch. From there, if they still have any questions – we are always here to help. And if people still need training – we can offer that too!

But in addition to our valued clients – we thought others may appreciate the short and easy-to-watch tutorials on how to use a WordPress CMS too. So why not give them a watch and learn something new today.

Tutorial 1 – Simple WordPress Overview
Tutorial 2 – Writing Posts
Tutorial 3 – Editing Pages

Full Series Playlist (will automatically update as new episodes are published).