The relevance of Mobile Apps

04 May 2012

The relevance of Mobile appsThere seems to be a recent trend for Mobile Apps of late. Not just in the popularity of the consumer, but also in the business world. We have been keen to offer this service for many years and now are getting into the “swing” of it. Mobile Apps offer the capacity for one of the best real-estate markets on the planet. In someone’s hand. If any business can get a user to install their application on their phone, and make them keep it there, they have given themselves free advertising.

There is, of course, an art to it. And more often than not, it will simply come down to how practical or addictive your mobile application is. And that comes down to whether you are looking to develop a game app or something practical. The turnover on App space on our spart phones is fickle and ever-evolving. We don’t want to stay the same forever, so the apps on our phones either need to be relevant or serving a very good process. One of our favourite examples of what NOT to do was illustrated by a famous Cola drink. In the UK last Christmas, they released an application that enabled people to put themselves in a snow globe. But then what? It’s amusing for 20 seconds, before the user deletes it for good. Not great advertising.

On the other hand, look at something like the popular App Craze (at the moment, anyway), Draw Something. THey offer a paid version and an advert-infested version. The people who pay for the clean one have already given the App owners the money they want and the users that use the free version are paying the developers through the use of third party advertisers. But the makers of Draw Something realised they had a winner of a game idea and therefore utilised it. In the same way that we’d all download an advert-version of an iPhone torch because why pay for it? Suddenly the App owners are making the money again.

So how does this work for you? What could your business do for the smart phone industry? Our thoughts are this. Your product is going to be great, otherwise you wouldn’t be looking for an app for it, but the best way to get it promoted – is find a gimmick to accompany it. Better yet, make the gimmick an extremely practical one (or an extremely addictive one!).

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