What Happened to the Old Twitter Widget?

09 October 2012

Back in the early days of Twitter, there was quite an open-ness for widgetation. By that I mean, Twitter was quite happy to provide you with a lovely little piece of code for you to add to your web page, featuring your Twitter feed. Very kind. Sadly, Twitter has become massive, resulting in a clamp-down on such freedom in coding. So if you are a web designer that wants to include a Twitter feed, suddenly it’s a lot more tricky. That said, the Internet is a jungle, and in that wonderful world of all things tropical, if you hunt long enough you will find the code you are looking for. In this instance, you need look no further than this article. Isn’t that just lovely?

I should point out that this code wasn’t made by us, it was the wonderful people at Twitter that created these. So all credit to them.
To our recollection, there has been three main widgets that Twitter has endorsed. The first one was pure code in it’s simplest form, just ready for your to manipulate in whichever way your website saw fit:

Twitter Widget one (The Simple one):
This wonderful bit of code is perfect for integrating into a site that has a clear theme. This bit of code isn’t gonna distract from anything, and because it’s so obvious how it works – it’s easy to add a theme and feel around it. Just copy and paste the code below and replace mediasussex with your twitter usernames. It’s in there twice, don’t miss the one towards the end in the Javascript!

Twitter Widget two (The Colourful one):
A little longer, but still an obvious bit of kit. Just change the #++++++ hex code for colours, change the width and height and replace mediasussex with your username at the end – and you’re good to go!

Twitter Widget three (The Controlled one):
Ok so this is where Twitter is knuckling down on where it’s tweets get posted. Sad, but true. True today (October 2012), the only code offered by Twitter is pretty un-editable to say the least. So much so that it’s pointless us giving you the code here, instead just click here to grab the code. You’ll see what we mean.

So, yes, we’ll be sad to see the other widgets disappear from the Twitter from their site… but… at least until they delete the javascript files from their servers, the old widgets remain through articles like this one. Hope you found it helpful!!