Blue Circles and Bold Colours.

BPITS (Bryn Price IT Solutions) is a small operation providing massive solutions to multi-national organisations. Needless to say, we were thrilled and excited to start work on both their logo and their website.

We were asked to include bold colours alongside professional blue, to create a circular icon and to implement clear initials BPITS.

We started work on their branding in early 2016 and were able to integrate their specifications as well as turn around the logo quickly. The development was time-sensitive, so that they could release their branding to a corporate commitment shortly after we started the project.

Onto the website

Online, fast.

Soon after the launch of the BPITS branding, we were asked to develop a website with a pressing turnaround – once again – in time for a professional engagement. We built the site on a WordPress platform so that the company could continue to edit and amend the site to their preferences thereafter.

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  • Date: April, 2016
  • Location: Brighton, UK
  • Client: BPITS
  • Category: Branding, Websites
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