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Hands together, eyes closed.

Media Sussex have a longstanding relationship with Embassy Bible College. Originally based in Bath, the college asked us to produce a web application to enable people to take the course online back in 2012. In 2016, we were asked to revisit the online college and redevelop the application into a streamlined website along with brand-new, fresh, branding.

The change of direction for the college, gave us an opportunity to look at the branding, where previously they were reluctant to let the old designs go. We were excited as the prospect of a fresh set of designs – as were they.


Text and Icons.

The previous designs that had carried the College through the many years of service. In fact the concept had largely stayed the same since the College began. The concept of a hand holding the world. We were allowed to change the design slightly and briefed to make the logo more like an icon.

We were also asked to modernise the fonts and text ahead of the website rebuild. It only took a couple of drafts before we had a logo that the team were thrilled with. Then we proceeded to the website development.

Onto the website

Online Study.

Now that the entire college would be available online, we had to develop a site that was not only tidy and clear – but also stable enough to facilitate multiple course modules and materials.

We developed the site on a CMS so that the team could go in and edit the course materials as needed – as well as setting up a blog for them to regularly update.

The final website went live in October of 2016, and has served the online class community ever since.

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  • Date: April, 2016
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