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On top of the world.

FI Photos asked us to redevelop a logo and website for their photographic portfolio and we were thrilled to help. After viewing just a few photos taken by Fi, we were immediately aware that we were onto something special. The stunning landscapes and two-tone vivid detailing on some of the photography reveals just how breathtaking nature is – and how excellent FI Photos are at capturing it on film!


The Showcase.

Any site that showcases photography is a special kind of project for us. We often make sites where we have to work with clients to pull together images that make a site pop. But when working with a photographer, the hard part has already been done – to perfection. Our job is to showcase the images as best possibly can, without detracting from the perfect photography.

That’s the direction we went with Fi Photos. And we were pleased with the results, as was she.

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  • Date: September, 2016
  • Location: Portsmouth, UK
  • Client: Fi Photos
  • Category: Branding, Websites
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