Museum of Gardening

Museum of Gardening


Museum of Gardening
(& The Budding Foundation)

Project Overview

In 2014, Media Sussex were given the opportunity to develop a basic website for the Budding Foundation, a charity to benefit children with the emphasis on helping those who have lacked support or opportunity at some stage in their lives. Their founder has linked his interest in Edwin Beard Budding to the charity’s aims in the hope young people may perhaps be as inventive as he was 200 years ago.

Two years later, towards the end of 2016, we were approached with some exciting news. The Budding Foundation, together with Tates of Sussex had teamed up to assemble The Museum of Gardening! The Museum, to help support the Budding Foundation charity, hosts a vast selection of vintage gardening mowers as well as a live bee-hive, terracotta exhibit and much, much more.

It was our privilege to develop a website for the Museum of Gardening, loosely based upon the branding used in the Budding Foundation. Specifically, the classic image of Edwin Budding, which we have developed into a new logo for the museums’ website.