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Starting our professional relationship back in 2010, Media Sussex were able to develop several versions of the Passion Trust websites over the years. We helped them develop branding, a web presence, video production and much much more. Our latest work with the Passion Trust involved a complete re-design of their two main sites: and

Both websites are constantly evolving as they feature content about specific live Passion Play performances as they are announced around the UK. This means that both sites require the capacity to be flexible and easy to edit. On top of this, the most recent brief, in mid 2020, was to produce a modern version of the sites.


What The Client Says

Media Sussex have worked at short notice to our demands and has built two great sites for us. We are constantly asking for changes to be made and this is always done as soon as possible, often within the same day. They are always very friendly and adaptable. We have been very pleased with their work over the last few years.

– Passion Trust

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  • Date: July, 2020
  • Location: Surrey, UK
  • Client: The Passion Trust
  • Category: Websites
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