Emma Blount

website development and branding New Light. We were approached in 2021 to develop a website for Stained Glass artist, Emma Blount. It was a privilege to work was such an acclaimed artist, who had been featured on various BBC TV shows. We were asked to produce a website, with basic branding as she pivoted her [...]

The Passion Trust

modernising a classic To the future. Starting our professional relationship back in 2010, Media Sussex were able to develop several versions of the Passion Trust websites over the years. We helped them develop branding, a web presence, video production and much much more. Our latest work with the Passion Trust involved a complete re-design of [...]

OliveJoy Photography

website development and branding Refresh. One of our favourite project areas is the refresh of an existing brand. OliveJoy were looking for a modernisation of their current logo and branding along with a brand new website. During the 2020 pandemic, the wedding industry had all but stopped due to government restrictions and regulations. OliveJoy Photography [...]

LASCH Properties

website development and branding Keys to the site. In 2018, we were asked to develop a simple website for showcasing a selection of properties that were owned, leased and sold by LASCH Properties. At the time, they didn't have any branding or web presence so we were able to work with them to produce a [...]

Embassy Bible College

website development and branding Hands together, eyes closed. Media Sussex have a longstanding relationship with Embassy Bible College. Originally based in Bath, the college asked us to produce a web application to enable people to take the course online back in 2012. In 2016, we were asked to revisit the online college and redevelop the [...]


branding Blue Circles and Bold Colours. BPITS (Bryn Price IT Solutions) is a small operation providing massive solutions to multi-national organisations. Needless to say, we were thrilled and excited to start work on both their logo and their website. We were asked to include bold colours alongside professional blue, to create a circular icon and [...]

Waterfall Studios

logos and social icons Flowing Airwaves In mid-2016, Media Sussex were asked to design a new brand for the record label: Waterfall Studios. The concept was to produce, not only a logo, but basic branding to introduce into the social media for the new recording label. Starting only with the label’s new name, Media Sussex [...]

Fi Photos

website development and branding On top of the world. FI Photos asked us to redevelop a logo and website for their photographic portfolio and we were thrilled to help. After viewing just a few photos taken by Fi, we were immediately aware that we were onto something special. The stunning landscapes and two-tone vivid detailing [...]

Cathartic Canvas

website development Dawn of e-commerce. This was a really fun project to do, and one of the first e-commerce projects we developed. We had previously worked with the owners of Cathartic Canvas on a different project, so when asked to put an e-commerce website together in 2011, we were thrilled and jumped at the chance [...]

Museum of Gardening

website development Growing Business. In 2014, Media Sussex were given the opportunity to develop a basic website for the Budding Foundation, a charity to benefit children with the emphasis on helping those who have lacked support or opportunity at some stage in their lives. Their founder has linked his interest in Edwin Beard Budding to [...]